Five Underrated TV Shows

5 min readApr 25, 2021


A few TV shows that do not get the recognition they deserve

The Night Of

Among the most emotionally draining mini-series you will ever find. On many occasions, especially while critiquing a mini-series, we underestimate the series’ quality of being intricate. By no means would one expect a perplexing plot to be meticulously laid out, within a span of six to eight episodes — grounds on which ‘The Night Of’ can be considered to be miles ahead of its counterparts. The sub-plot delves into the character, Nasir Khan’s mind, his thoughts, and his contemplation toward villainizing himself to put an end to pain, scrutiny, and most importantly — to provide closure for his family. Nasir’s background in being a Pakistani-American, from a relatively unstable financial standpoint, typifies the apprehensions of a middle-class family. The series exemplifies bad fortune, in ways that would essentially make you believe that your actions, coupled with good intent, can lead to disastrous outcomes. This, in turn, avalanching into self-doubt and despair. The Night Of is an intense mini TV series, that will not disappoint.


An underrated gem — based on the true story of Marie Adler, a young 18-year old woman who was reportedly sexually assaulted by an intruder. This mini-series lets you experience the emotional trauma and anguish experienced by Marie, whilst exposing the insensitivity of local law enforcement. Subtle shifts between storylines ensure that the main plot stays relevant. The storytelling is top-notch and is truthfully real. Besides, the convergence of the two storylines which are three years apart is dealt with precision, detail and is timed to perfection. The performances of the two detectives portrayed by Merritt Weaver and Toni Collette are exceptional — as you would expect from two top-tier actors. Their dialogues are incredible, touching, and sets up for a great finale. On a more technical level, the show’s cinematography, flow, and transitions were spot on. A must-watch, unique TV series that delivers a powerful message, and gives you a great payoff with both storylines.

PS: Watch out for this line — “You know what happens when you decide not to take what you get any more? You get more.”


Not for the faint of heart. Another true story, that would not have been believable if not for this TV series — that accurately depicts the events that took place in and around Minnesota. Fargo is a blend of dark comedy, crime, thriller, and drama. That’s a lot of genres, yes. Predictability and slow story-lines can be thrown out of the window. Right from the first episode, an atmosphere of “something’s about to go awry” is created. The viewer wouldn’t remotely come close to predicting the events that unfold. Season one’s brilliance can be rightfully credited to the direction as well as Martin Freeman’s versatility. The show also introduces logic (to some extent) and a heartwarming love story in season two, amidst the chaos. An extremely enjoyable second season is a prequel to the first, although both depicting different events. Fargo is a work of art, that keeps your adrenaline level right on the edge.

PS: The theme music is absolutely brilliant :)


Jason Bateman’s performance as Marty Byrde is exceptional. The story involves the Byrde family’s troubled life when Marty’s money-laundering operation for a Mexican drug cartel goes sideways. Marty strikes a deal with the cartel that would require him to launder eight million dollars within three months. Failure to do so would result in extremely harsh consequences for him and his family. Ozark’s ability to keep the viewers guessing, introducing layer after layer of craziness, and at the same time making sure that the plot twists are organically implemented, to make it believable — underscores the creativeness in storytelling. Just when the viewer thinks that things are in control and that Marty has everything figured out, the stakes are raised — in unimaginable ways. In conclusion, Ozark is a fast-paced drama, crime-thriller which is perfect for a weekend binge.

While watching, I would request y’all to keep an eye out for the following line, in the words of Marty Byrde — “Hypothetically, on a scale of one to ten, how difficult would it be for a person to disappear?” Taking into consideration that Marty has no intention of becoming a full-fledged criminal, the circumstances that lead him to say the above line is almost comical.

Parks and Recreation

An absolute joy — A show built on the foundation of friendship and the importance of “having each other’s back”, fueled by incredible writing. The best part about this TV show is the character progression. Relatability to at least a couple of traits in each of the characters makes it enjoyable to watch. Probably the only TV show that I have come across that is hilarious yet inspiring. Amy Poehler’s portrayal of Leslie Knope is stellar. All the characters in the show are well fleshed out, and you can’t help but grow to love them. Overall, an endearing, and an extremely heartwarming TV show that almost always puts you in a better mood.

PS: In the words of Ron Swanson — “Please and Thank You”




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